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Peptides at Work

From unprecedented scientific findings to innovative product development, Innovate Ag is revolutionising the agricultural industry with a world’s first peptide based plant-extract botanical pesticide, Sero-X®!

In order to understand why Sero-X is set to revolutionise the agricultural industry and pave the way for a more sustainable future, it’s important to first understand how Sero-X works. Sero-X is a world first plant extract botanical pesticide, which contains a revolutionary set of peptides as its primary active compounds. Sero-X’s active component is known as Clitoria Ternatea Extract, which has become widely-researched and world-renowned in the science sphere due to it being the world’s first approved active constituent to contain bioactive peptides, known as Cyclotides. As an ultra-stable peptide that boasts an array of benefits for nature, agriculture and human health, cyclotides meet the challenge of providing environmentally friendly and sustainable food security for an ever-growing global population.


Cyclotides are a variant of peptide. Peptides are small chains of amino acids, which are widely recognised as the building blocks of protein. And while cyclotides are also comprised of a string of amino acids, they differ drastically from peptides in terms of their structure and functionality. Peptides are naturally structured to have a distinctive starting point and ending point that are relatively susceptible to breaking apart, whereas, cyclotides join together at the ends to form a stable circle. As a result of their cyclic backbone, cyclotides are incredibly unique due to their stability and resistance to denaturation by thermal, chemical or enzymatic treatments.


Simply put, cyclotides, are resilient enough to continue to perform their function even after they’ve been manipulated or extracted from the plant. Known as a Secondary Plant Protein, Cyclotides are an invaluable find for the future of science and agriculture due to their ability to act as a defensive peptide that protects against pests. Studies have demonstrated a link between Cyclotides and an extensive range of biological activities, including anti-HIV, insecticidal, anti-tumour, antifouling, anti-microbial, haemolytic, neurotensin antagonism, trypsin inhibition and uterotonic activities.


Due to the naturally potent insecticidal activity apparent in cyclotides, it leads scientists to believe that they act as a plant host-defence agent. Current research suggests that a single plant may contain over a dozen cyclotides and may have the potential to target various pests and pathogens, simultaneously. With significant research, investment and trials dedicated to investigating the active constituents of Sero-X, the discovery of cyclotides and their application to agriculture is set to transform our approach to pest control, on a global scale.

Want more information on our R&D and Trials? While our findings and research are transparent, we are unable to display our R&D online due to the extensive and detailed nature of our work. However, If you’d like access to our in-depth studies and trials, we’re more than happy to provide more information – please simply contact us on 1800 440 438 or [email protected].


Peptides are a small chain of amino acids (less than 50 units)

Not quite long enough to be considered a full protein

They are the building blocks of protein

They are commonly used by athletes for their anabolic effect on muscle mass


Cyclotides are small peptides isolated from plants

They are incredibly stable and strong

They are resistant to denaturation by thermal, chemical, or enzymatic treatments

They can continue to perform their function after they’ve been manipulated or extracted from the plant

They are known as a Secondary Plant Compound – A defensive peptides that protects against pests