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General Instructions

When it comes to ensuring an effective insecticide, good coverage is an absolute must for maximum efficacy. Sero-X operates in three modes of action, whereby direct toxicity works through contact with the insect, and anti-feedant and ovi-position deterrent offer behaviour modification properties that require consistent coverage of Sero-X, as opposed to direct contact. Despite offering differing modes for controlling insect infestations on crops, the one consistent variable between them all is the requirement for ample and consistent Sero-X coverage.


In order to detect pest problems before they arise into infestations, we strongly recommend conducting detailed checks of pest numbers as per best practice pest management requirements. The best results are reliant on detecting the problem early and ensuring application can be made at the earliest suitable time.


  1. Shake or agitate the container prior to mixing with water.
  2. Add the required quantity of Sero-X Insecticide to clean water in a half-filled spray tank with agitator or by-pass in operation.
  3. Maintain agitation while filling tank with remainder of water.
  4. Ensure agitation is maintained throughout the spray operation.


To ensure effectiveness, be sure to store Sero-X in the closed, original container in a relatively cool and well-ventilated location. Ensure the product is not stored in an area that encounters prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.