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For the control or suppression of a range of insect pests, including green mirids, silver leaf white fly (biotype b), heliothis,
diamondback moth and two spotted spider mite, in cotton, lucerne, brassicas, cucurbits and tomatoes as specified in the
Directions for Use table.

Also for use in cotton for the reduction in formation of the microsclerotia of Verticillium dahliae assisting in the management of
Verticillium wilt.


The active constituent in Sero-X is an extract of Clitoria ternatea (Butterfly Pea). The bioactive compounds in Butterfly Pea are a group of ultra stable cyclic peptides that have distinct biological activities and perform different defensive roles. Proteins and peptides are the working molecules of life, they make up the fundamental machinery that runs most biological processes.

Over 70 bioactive peptides have been identified in Butterfly Pea and they are chemically diverse depending
on which part of the plant they come from e.g. leaves, stems or seed. They are compounds the plant produces for defence against pests and diseases and they all play different roles.

Research is evolving with these exciting compounds and in collaboration with University of Queensland’s
Institute for Molecular Bioscience we will continue to define and characterise the various modes of action and
activities of these defensive compounds.


Sero-X will help stop and reverse the spread of Verticillium Wilt.
In seasons where Verticillium dahliae inoculum would significantly increase Sero-X will limit the increase by inhibiting the
formation of micro sclerotia on the dying plat tissue. In season where there would be a natural reduction, Sero-X can speed up
the reduction by limiting the amount of infected tissue returning to the soil.

Innovate Ag recommends using Sero-X in conjunction with other Verticillium Wilt best management practices.


Sero-X is registered in cotton against Helicoverpa spp. Silverleaf whitefly (biotype b) (Bemisia tabaci) and Green mirid (Creontiades dilutus). It has three distinct modes of action that provide control.

Anti-feedant: Resulting in reduced plant damage and leading to starvation
and decreased viability of the pest.

Direct Mortality: The specific active peptide will disrupt the membrane wall
in the cells of the pest

Ovipositing deterrent: Altering pest behaviour to adversely affect egg lay.

For more technical information and trial results, please view the Sero-X Verticillium Wilt Label Update technical document which can be found by clicking the green button located at the top of this page.

Alternatively you can contact us on 02 6795 3787 or email [email protected].