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Sero-X is comprised of the active constituent, Clitoria Ternatea Extract. Clitoria Ternatea Extract has been at the forefront of global scientific studies due to its unique structure that consists of different biologically active compounds that work synergistically to control a broad spectrum of pests. With global concerns in recent years regarding future food security and the diminishing bee population, Sero-X offers a solution for both!

Boasting insecticidal properties and behaviour modification activity, including egg-lay disruption and anti-feeding, Sero-X contains over 40 cyclotides that are remarkably effective in pest control and active against various pest types.  The unique cyclotides in Sero-X have no toxicity to predatory insects and pollinators, making this product a game-changer for the future of our bee population and the integrity of our crops. Clitoria Ternatea is a remarkable plant that has evolved over time to protect itself only against threatening pests. These incredible properties have been passed from the plant to the Sero-X product.


Sero-X doesn’t rely solely on direct mortality to ensure crop protection. Highly innovative in design and functionality, Sero-X offers a much larger-scale botanical pesticide solution to tackle pests, which is broken down into three primary areas:

Direct toxicity: Soft bodied small larvae and nymphs are killed directly when contacted with the product.

Anti-feedant/repellence: The presence of Sero-X’s cyclotides on treated plants deter pest feeding. Pests choose to starve rather than consume a Sero-X treated crop.

Oviposition Deterrent: The presence of the residue of Sero-X on treated plants acts as a deterrent for pest egg lay. Pests may avoid landing or laying eggs on Sero-X treated plants.

Controlling crop-related pest infestations from three angles minimises the likelihood of resistance developing amongst target pests. Owing to its versatility, Sero-X can easily be used as a protective treatment when applied at regular intervals or as a knockdown treatment to control existing pests. Likewise, this product is suitable for use in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs. Extensive research and trials have demonstrated the effects on insect predators and parasites are low.


Sero-X demonstrates efficacy against egg lay and 1st to 3rd instar larvae of cotton boll and native budworms (Helicoverpa spp); adults and nymphs of green mirids (Creontiades dilutus); adults and nymphs of yellow mirid (Campylomma liebknechti); first instar nymphs of green vegetable bugs (Nezara viridula) and adults and nymphs of silverleaf whiteflies (Bemesia tabaci). The product has shown to have minimal effect on predatory insect adults.