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Compatibility & Application


While we strongly recommend always conducting a physical compatibility jar test using the products in correct proportions prior to use, it should be noted that Sero-X Insecticide is an emulsifiable concentrate that is likely compatible with common organic liquid fertilisers. While chemical compatibility has not been tested with commonly used herbicides and insecticides, the physical compatibility is likely.

Note: The only incompatibility our trials have found to date is when Sero-X Insecticide is mixed with paraffinic oils (white oils). Steer clear of mixing these products for most effective results.


Sero-X Insecticide contains a surfactant, to reduce the surface tension of the liquid it is dissolved in. Additional surfactant may be necessary for plants that are hard to wet, such as esterified vegetable oils. It is recommended that you strictly follow the label instructions as per the surfactant.


When it comes time to applying Sero-X Insecticide, it’s important to have the correct machinery and equipment in place to ensure it’s done correctly:

Sero-X Insecticide may be applied by ground rig, ensuring the coverage is thorough for adequate control.

Applications should be made using nozzles, pressures and other spray conditions to produce a fine to medium spray.

It is recommended that you use an application volume of 50-200 L/ha.



It should be noted that all research and trials to date have been conducted on cotton. However, Sero-X may also be effective in agricultural production systems where the controlled pests are an issue for, but not limited to: tomatoes, sorghum, chick peas, mung beans, all pulses, and the majority of vegetables

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