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We are an Australian owned and run company, based in the regions, who are that rare group of people that can turn cutting edge research into products that growers and end users of all stripes can use. We can do this because we know what growers need and we understand how natures most advanced defensive technology can be harnessed by us. Innovate Ag pride themselves on being small enough to care, yet large enough to make a global difference!


We here at Innovate Ag are world leaders in developing peptides, naturally occurring, bio-chemical compounds, for use in food, fibre and foliage crops without disrupting the balance of the ecosystem.

We were founded, and are driven by, the need for science-led research that can turn the solutions nature has developed over the millennia into solutions that every grower can use.

Our focus is on ultra-stable and potent peptides, specifically cyclotides, that are one of nature’s most advanced defence technologies. We leverage the power of peptides produced by Clitoria ternatea (Butterfly Pea), a defensive superpower in the plant world, to create cutting-edge products that provide sustainable crop protection solutions from seed through to a sustainable crop protection solution.

We collaborate with some of the most advanced peptide and protein scientists from the Institute for Molecular Bioscience at the University of Queensland, including Professor David Craik.

Our regionally based team has a thorough understanding of end-user needs, working with growers every day, which enables us to translate the latest molecular research into practical applications, regulatory outcomes, and commercial successes.


Driven to find an effective and sustainable solution to a range of growing global concerns, Sero-X aims to:

Save the diminishing bee population

Offer a less chemically intrusive, yet equally effective alternative

Support Australian Research & Development and Innovation


  • It’s good for the bees: Did you know that bees are one of the most important creatures on Earth, for both humans and nature? Yet, with the use of toxic pesticides in modern agriculture, it should come as no surprise that our bee population is scarcer than ever before. Bees are responsible for 70% of the fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds that we eat on a daily basis. If bees become extinct, beef, dairy, corn, rice, coffee, entire food chains, animal species and a large chunk of the economy would likely go down with them. Sero-X provides an alternative for consumers and farmers to make the choice to protect our bee population.
  • It offers a smart alternative: Sero-X offers farmers a choice to use a non-synthetic and highly effective pesticide, without the need for harsh and toxic chemicals. Likewise, with a growing demand for organic food, Sero-X gives consumers added benefit!
  • It supports Australian R&D: The technology behind Sero-X is a local treasure that has been discovered and developed solely here in Australia, supporting key research institutions and local jobs along the way.
  • It’s Australian-made: Much like the technology behind it, the plant will be grown and the product will be manufactured in regional Australia, reducing our reliance on imported products and supporting local jobs.