Timing of Applications

Where sustainable agricultural solutions meet cutting-edge scientific findings, Innovate Ag are leading the way. To ensure consistent and effective insect control, the timing of Sero-X applications is crucial. We recommend two different types of application based on prevention or remedy.




The repellence, anti-feeding and mating disruption behaviour modification modes of action are reported to work more effectively before large insect manifestation develops. As such, Sero-X works most effectively when used as part of a prevention strategy, in a consistent spray program. This allows for greater levels of control and consistency.



As Sero-X may not have long residuals to control nymphs or have no ovicidal activity, if you’re using Sero-X in response to already present insect pressure, it is recommended that you conduct two consecutive sprays 7-10 days apart. Why? When used for remedial purposes to alleviate the pressure of an already established insect issue, the adults are likely to have already laid eggs on the crop, which Sero-X may not impact. As such, the second spray will help to control the freshly hatched eggs.

In a spray program

Best used as a preventative

10-14 day spray intervals for maximum control

Heavy rain may require shortening time frames

Remedial in response to pests

Apply before high populations of adults develop

2nd spray likely required after eggs hatch