Sero-X is the first Australian discovered and developed bio-insecticide, providing a previously unavailable economic, organic form of pest control. Perhaps most importantly, Sero-X is exceptionally safe for non-target species, particularly vital insects like bees.

We believe that Sero-X meets the challenge of creating environmentally positive and socially acceptable food security for the world’s growing population.

What is Sero-X?


Sero-X is a bold next step in environmentally responsible pest control for the Food and Fibre Industry in Australia and across the world. Harnessing the naturally occurring cyclotides of Clitoria ternatea (or “Butterfly Pea”), Sero-X demonstrates efficacy on a wide range of insect pests such as Helicoverpa spp., green mirids, green vegetable bugs and whiteflies, while still being safe on non-target insects.

Sero-X will be available for use in cotton from February 2017. Innovate Ag has a goal of making Sero-X available for all food crops in Australia in the near future.