Sero-X on track for September release


A BUTTERFLY pea biopesticide developed by Wee Waa-based business Innovate Ag will be released for commercial use in September following the recent approval of its active constituent.

We’re very excited to let everyone know that we’re on track to have Sero-X released for use in cotton by September 2016. Find out more about how we’re tracking over here at The Land.

New Active Constituent – Public Consultation period begins

The Office of Chemical Safety has considered the toxicological aspects of Clitoria ternatea Extract TGAC, and advised that there are no toxicological objections to the approval of this active constituent.

Our Active constituent

Investing in innovation

A Wee Waa based company with the support of farmers and the Cotton CRC has been granted one-and-a-half million dollars from the Federal Government to develop an organic plant based insecticide. – The ABC, March 2012

Nick Watts, our Sero-X Project Director, appeared on ABC Radio in 2012 to talk about the early stages of Sero-X, and the importance on investing in innovation. Listen here!